Douthat is wrong about today’s GOP

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Thank God their “health plan” is failing…

op-ed link —-NYT’s Ross Douthat contends the GOP should use their unified government to focus on across the board, or at least Bush 43 style, tax cuts to stimulate the economy, and stop putting their bets on health care “reform” (see: gutting health care) when every proposed “repeal & replace” (and now just with the “repeal” part…and they wonder why that too, floundered) legislation was doomed from the start to go down in the flames of constituent opinion.


It couldn’t, because there was never anything close to a Republican consensus about what health care reform should do. But this grand strategy’s failure still leaves the party with a simpler option, one that would satisfy the yearning for tax cuts that remains a divided conservatism’s only certain common ground. Republicans could just go ahead and cut taxes the way Bush did — without…

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Mitch McConnell sets his sights on “Repeal Only” strategy…immediately hits a roadblock

The latest from Kapitalist Kitty

Kapitalist Kitty

One of the biggest congressional tacticians, McConnell’s efforts to either repeal and replace the ACA or get rid of it altogether has fallen on thankfully rough times. As attempt after attempt fails and will continue to do so, the American right will have to confront the distinct possibility that government subsidized healthcare will become as permanent a staple of the social safety net as the provisions outlined in the New Deal, the likes of which not even the most conservative politicians would even hint at a jettison.

Joe Biden said it well in the 1980’s: change of attitudes precedes change of policy, and healthcare coverage is a battle that will be won by the continued change of attitudes.

But until then, progressives and the politicians they support need to be ever on their guard because we know the extent to which the GOP likes dirty tricks.

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Song of the week, 17 July 2017: Super Mario RPG Pirate Ship Theme

Close your eyes and imagine you’re sitting in a dark, dank pirate ship. Think about how cool the air is, what the water outside sounds like as it hits the walls of the ship, and how the light hits the wooden walls.

I used to do this exercise with this song because I found it stirred my imagination. It too will stir yours 😀

Strange thing I noticed about these paintings

There are two paintings in the Hyatt Regency Tamaya lobby by the same artist that really struck me. If you take a look at the first painting, you see some type of high altitude forest scene with white trunked Aspen trees. The name of this painting is Edge of the Meadow.

Neat enough, right?

Now take a look at the next painting. It appears to be the same area, as the patterns of trees are remarkably similar. Only this time the forest depicted in the painting is going up in flames! The name of this painting is End of Gold, suggesting it’s the same area some time after when the depiction in the first painting is supposed to have taken place.

This caught my attention because the two paintings are placed at opposite sides of the corridor right next to the Rio Grande Lounge entrance sign I showed last night. This artist was telling a story with these two works.

Both these paintings are oil on canvas.

Traveler walking around in Cairo

You can see how in some ways, Cairo is fairly modern, definitely not reminiscent of something you’d see in Aladdin, which is how many Americans imagine most of the Middle East and Arab world to be. I remember friends who’d been, as well as a religion professor I had in 2006 telling me about how deep modern multinational corporations had permeated Egyptian society even then.

And in many ways, it’s how you’d expect it to be. Goods and services appear to be fairly cheap in Egypt, probably because many travellers may be afraid to visit due to the relatively recent Arab Spring. Some on YouTube say Cairo is not as dangerous as Westerners are making it out to be.

Maybe this may be a good place for a Westerner to hang around for a while?