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Why George H.W. Bush couldn’t beat Reagan in the 1980 primaries

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Long story short, both candidates were unhappy with the arrangement of the Reagan funded debate in the Nashua High School gymnasium. Bush had hoped that the debate would be a face off between Reagan and Bush in order to add some momentum to Bush recent (and later proved to be short lived) successes in Iowa and New Hampshire. Reagan had other plans, and invited the other candidates to take the focus off of a Reagan vs Bush dynamic.

When moderator Breen (not “Green” as Reagan put it) ordered Reagan’s microphone to be turned off, the indignant Reagan exclaimed,

I’m paying for this microphone, Mr. Green!”, met with thunderous applause. Bush’s inability to make a good comeback was a symbolic and defining loss.

H.W., who would go on to be Reagan’s running mate in 1980, was the decidedly temperate and level-headed candidate. Pro-choice, moderate on social welfare spending (in…

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Throwback Thursday

Kapitalist Kitty post. It’s been a LONG time since I’ve written anything on here.

Kapitalist Kitty

Good ol’ H.W. I’d love to somehow tell my former self, in my more right leaning years, not to vote for W. But elder Bush wasn’t so bad in comparison. In fact, to paraphrase George Galloway, Desert Storm could have been said to have been “more justifiable” than the two quagmires started by the younger (though that doesn’t mean I would have necessarily started the operation had I been in charge).

His non political ways were what made him a tolerable Republican. Preppy. You typically can’t go wrong with preppy.

No, the Republican Party won’t produce another George H.W. Bush. You don’t jump off that bridge into Trumpland and somehow jump back onto it.

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