The Hyatt Tamaya revisited

They’ve significantly changed the front lobby since I started frequenting the place two years ago.


Hard to believe that 13 Years Ago, Barack Obama was fairly obscure


I found this, on some random right winger’s blog , a post from 2005, where the author appears not to know about Barack Obama. Or maybe he’d heard of him at that point and wouldn’t acknowledge him because he feels he didn’t deserve to be there. I’m guessing it’s the former however, seeing as the conservatives couldn’t stand Obama (mostly for bogus reasons) once they actually had heard of him. That’s when the nonsense about him supposedly having been a Kenyan born Muslim-communist-radical-atheist, or whatever they thought he was, spread around among the wingnuts.

I remember as far back as 2005 people speculating that Obama would “be the next president”. They were right of course. In contrast, I think even many Trump supporters didn’t think he’d win until he actually did. And while he was a household name as far back as 20 years ago, I don’t think even Trump himself had ever envisioned he’d be president today.

So it goes to show you: the next president might be someone you are not currently familiar with…or someone you’d never imagine would be the next president.




The stupidest bridge on Earth

They call it the 11ft8 Bridge, and it’s incorrigible the way the city doesn’t re-draw the allowed truck routes to make sure trucks avoid it.

I guess to be fair: it was build before trucks were as big as they are now. Still, one wonders how so many drivers keep “falling for it”.

Jarring case of urban gentrification, New York

Ray mentions that there should “be more laws” protecting tenants in the city as the government there tends to favour landlords. Ray’s biggest downfall is being a Puerto Rican living in an Anglospheric society where everything is intimately tied to the idea that ownership should always mean absolute rights and control. But should the dynamics of ownership be absolute when property decisions affect the rights of many others? Should real estate continue to be purely a matter of property or should there be more regulation in certain conditions concerning human rights?

These comments made by (presumably) right wing Youtubers are particularly disgusting. Why is it any time you get these capitalist caused injustices reported on, there are always a few people who defend their purveyors, without even getting their 30 pieces of silver in return?