I said in the previous post on this tragedy that the shooter was probably one of those archetypal socially awkward nice guys who shocked everyone by resorting to mass murder.

Socially awkward, Adam Lanza was, but nice? Not so much. There were plenty of accounts that indicated it was not much of a surprise that he would lash out in the way he did. Many who knew him…albeit barely as he was not an extrovert by any means…said his personality traits were disturbing.

Another factor is that the young man’s family is quite well off, his father being a GE tax executive. So we can scratch out the economic factor.

What’s really gaining attention was that he was autistic with mental issues and an inability to feel a sufficient amount of pain to properly function. This is odd in that autistic people don’t often lash out on the scale he did. I had never heard of an autistic person being that prone to violence. Fits of rage, yes, but violence on a massive scale?

Another common factor in these types of cases is that the perpetrators are always males who are unable to attract women. This seemed to be an issue with James Holmes. Lanza was socially disconnected, but I doubt this was a factor. I’ve heard some commenters mention that the Lanza boys are not good looking; the dad is ok, Ryan is average, maybe a little above, and Adam was downright unattractive. Despite this, I don’t think he was mentally normal enough to have this bother him.



I’m not at all surprised that the event has again “sparked a debate about gun control”, and that the liberals are clamoring for it while the conservatives are screaming victim. While I do think we need tighter gun restrictions in this country, I feel the left’s resorting to the gun control debate so soon is overpoliticising the issue and this could do more political harm than good. They gotta cut it out. If I were on Obama’s cabinet I would advise he be silent on the issue. But one of the side effects of being an obscure blogger is that your opinions don’t have the luxury of falling on deaf ears…they don’t even rustle the leaves of the trees outside the White House. Go figure.

So we have a case of a nerdy, austistic boy with limited social interaction who comes from a well to do family and used weapons his mother owned legally. In some ways it’s a quintessential case but in others it’s quite strange.


I hope and pray for the families of the victims that they have at least some belief in the idea that their children are now in a better place, and that they can find some peace, even in this, the darkest of their times. God have mercy on them. I also hope that we can hold back our temptation to let this tragedy prompt feelings of anger and hate. I’ve read some of the comments on the Yahoo News and New York Times websites and they’re troubling. What Adam Lanza did was incorrigible, but how many more of these events are we going to suffer if we don’t realise that when people need mental help, it’s in our interests to see that they get it?

That kind of hardening cannot be good for the future of the nation.



Apparently, the Supreme Court’s analysis of the gun control issue is in the cards. Man, this is happening so fast. O_o I’m sure the pro-gun crowd is losing their mind. Sure, I felt an examination of what the 2nd Amendment actually means is important, but not like this…


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