Good afternoon, my friends!

After a hiatus for the holidays, I’m back. I’ll be busy with school in a couple weeks, but until then I hope to be posting often.

Here is a story you may enjoy. An 18 year old got busted because he committed an alcohol related, vehicle related crime and only got caught because he… proceeded to tell the whole world about it on his Facebook. The young man posted:

“Drivin drunk … classsic 😉 but to whoever’s vehicle i hit i am sorry. :P”

I’ve said this before, and I’ll say it again, social media is an invention of the very smart to serve as distraction to the very dumb. I don’t understand how in this age of information coming out the wazoo to whoever wants it, the general population seems stupider than ever.

Hope his jail has Facebook access. And WordPress, because he needs to read this blog.


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