Just a small list of things. I understand that even the blogosphere has been permeated by pop culture and there is an inverse correlation between the intelligence of a post and how many people will read it, so I won’t make this the full focus of my posts in the coming weeks. But here are some ideas which as an academic, I see shoved down unsuspecting people’s throats…continuously:

1. That European aristocracy was inherently evil: A populist concept born and bred primarily in what is now the United States. I’ll take a little bit of time to explore this concept and demonstrate why no European aristocratic regime ever equaled the brutality that its predecessors inflicted upon mankind.

2. That religion and its institutions are inherently less intellectual than its secular counterparts: Too many historical developments to show this is not true. I can’t ignore such developments.

3. That HD outperforms film and digital outperforms standard photos: Many of you haven’t even touched a film camera!

4. That the internet will dumb people down: Only if you use it that way, my friends, only if you use it that way.

5. That the French Revolutionaries were good, the Ancien Regime was evil: EHHH!!! WRONG! This is one of history’s greatest misconceptions. The West has swallowed this blind.

Notice that three of the five topics that have been on my mind are quasi-political and somewhat politically incorrect. This being a liberal blog, I might end up alienating a few people who read this. That’s ok. I’ve never been one to confirm trends.

I’ll be posting more on these topics in the coming weeks!



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