Here’s a little update on my efforts to take up lomographic photography. I’m a MAJOR photo enthusiast. I enjoy taking pictures with everything from my Panasonic Lumix Leica Lens camera, to my crappy camera on my android Samsung phone. You just never know when some type of amazing sight may pop up somewhere, so we photography people have to be vigilant, eh?


A shot I took with my Panasonic in the mountains of Central New Mexico, Summer, 2011

So when I got a hold of the Diana F+ camera on Christmas of 2011, I was exhilerated to take up yet another method of picture taking. Unfortunately, I did not get around to actually using it until recently. But hey, no time like the present to make up for past laziness, right??

I would honestly consider Lomography to be the Sigmund Freud of photography: Conceived in Austria, wacky and esoteric in the early stages (but finding a strong following later), and making use of outlandish traits that when put into careful practice, work. Lomography photos are defined by blurriness, arbitrary colour, and often an ambiguous sense of focus, but nearly every example of competent lomography art has impressed me. In this documentary, it is said that visual embellishment of the generally mundane is what gives this medium its shall we say, its Daguerreotype-esque charm.

Isn’t it interesting how each successive art movement is almost always based on rejection of the standards of the preceding? I look forward to having lots of fun with this method of photo taking on many a “photo walk”.





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