Hi all! I thought I would share a few photos of when I was in Greece. I miss it a lot and like virtually every other country I have been to, I hope to go back. I was there a while back, July of 2006 to be exact. Athens is intensely crowded in the middle of July, and there were tourists from all over the world roaming the Acropolis.

I shot these pictures on a very basic Nikon point and shoot; this was back before I became a photo buff. Enjoy!


Ruins in Corinth. Corinth is about a half hour to an hour outside Athens and is located across the Isthmus Canal.


Olive trees in the outskirts of Athens. It looked very Lion King-ish (yes, I know the Lion King is in African savannah and not the Mediterranean lol). Still, it looks like Rafiki’s tree! That summer was very dry in Greece, and we saw fire engines rushing all over the mountains and countryside to put out wildfires. I hope this tree wasn’t a victim.


A shot of Athens from an elevation far above most of the city, near the Acropolis. Athens is BIG and crowded. Look at how close together all the buildings are! But it exudes such a Mediterranean charm that you can’t help but be enticed.


A shot of the Acropolis. At the time, the buildings had scaffolds because they were being maintained. I wonder if the scaffolds are still there.

I would live in Greece in part because of the food, and wouldn’t live there in part because of the economy. I was awfully young when I went but I pay attention to the atmosphere of every place I’ve ever been. The economy was strong back then, enough that it was an EU country by the time I went, but there already was a sense that things were getting unstable. Today things are in dire straights fiscally from what I understand.

I was impressed with how globalised this once parochial country has become. Everything was almost as developed as Western Europe and people drove nice cars. I’m guessing less Greeks drive cars today than they did back then. Also, nearly every adult there speaks English, fluently, so someone from an English speaking country would have no problems communicating there, unlike in Eastern Europe. Of course in any country, people love it when you try to learn a little bit of their language. Especially when Americans do it; most Americans don’t know much of any language other than English.

Hope I was a little insightful in posting this!


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