Do you remember when I said that my New Year’s Resolution would be to try something new every month for the year of 2013? Well, I haven’t been so great in living up to my end of the resolution, but there is nothing like the early summer, near the halfway mark in the year, to catch up.

I’ve been reading a lot about exotic foods lately, and the more I read about the fruit, the Durian, the more I would like to try one. According to the article 5 Totally Hardcore Foods That Could Get You Arrested (Or Killed) , the Durian has an interesting relationship with public establishments in Asia, where it’s most popular. It’s banned in some places such as subways. To put it bluntly, too many people have attested that the fruit smells like poop. It’s poop fruit. Am I ridiculous for wanting to try poop fruit??

However, if you have seen clips of people sampling the the aromatic specialty, you’ll see they all have essentially the same reaction: they all start off overwhelmed, with kind of a “Echhh!” response. This is almost always followed by a “I’m gonna take another bite.” Why is this? Could it be the Durian has some kind of enzyme that prompts the same kind of “I didn’t like it but man I want to learn to like it” reaction that Simpsons characters had when trying the tobacco/tomato hybrid Tomacco? I don’t know but I really want to find out.

It really doesn’t look like it would smell that bad…

(For the record: An avid video game player, I first heard of the Durian from Super Mario Sunshine.)





4 thoughts on “New Year’s Resolution – June Goal: Try a Durian

  1. Haha I just love your humor! I have to confess I’m a a big fan of this exotic fruit.. nothing beats the aroma of durian around shopping centre (even subway) in Singapore!! Cant’ wait to know your verdict after you’ve had a taste ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. You should! Specially fresh durian that just fell to the ground, you might find it in countryside. More fragrant, sweet, sensasional. I eat it at least once a year every holiday since i was kid. And i still like it.

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