A ha!

Remember how I said that despite Federer’s age and declining stats with regards to Grand Slams that I don’t think it’s time for him to quit? Well yesterday’s match at the 2013 French Open (Roland Garros) shows the flip side of a tennis player’s shelf life. I think everyone knew that number 1 player Novak Djokovic was going to take this match, but what no one was expecting was the challenge that young David Goffin (ranked 58) would throw his way.

It was exhilerating…refreshing, to see a player not in the dominant 5 put up such a fight. It also shows that no one can stay #1 forever in a sport such as tennis, where even the late 20’s is getting up there in the sport’s seemingly insidious rate of evolution. Of course, Djokovic is far from his decline; he’ll go on to many more great wins, and I would even be willing to bet that he may win the French Open. But sooner or later, another David Goffin (whether it be said player or someone else) will get the job done, stopping his momentum. Hey, Bernie Tomic already did this earlier in the year (though that was probably just a fluke), and Venus Williams saw a huge disappointment, falling on the first round (while her sis remains #1). Things change rapidly in the game of tennis.

Case in point: My dad still acts like John MacEnroe and Ivan Lendl are still relevant…


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