In an incredibly creative meshing of buildings, trees, and statues that have been around for 100 years, with present pictures, Karenyi Zoltan (I wonder if he is related to the musically talented Arany Zoltan) has matched up photos of the past, with the present, demonstrating structures that were virtually unchanged in 1913. He shows us that each and every object and building you see around town has been seen, visited, and touched by so many lives that have come and gone. It is mentioned that Zoltan has not taken any shots in the United States, and I could understand the reason; you would be hard pressed to find an area in an American city where the structure is the same today as it was in 1913.

Please look at this

You really are in for a treat!


CORRECTION: Turns out his surname is Karenyi. Zoltan is a Hungarian first name. I didn’t know that Hungarian names are reversed in order from the Western order. My mistake!


One thought on “Photographer Connects The Then With The Now

  1. Love these. I went to the Natural History Museum this week which I adored. Whilst looking at the exhibits I couldn’t stop feeling like I was part of a long historical line of other humans looking at the same bones/models. Feeling part of a greater whole doesn’t often come to me, so this made me feel content.

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