Supreme Court case: King v Burwell

SCOTUS has upheld that federal subsides for healthcare under the Affordable Care Act will continue as planned. While I’m annoyed that the Supreme Court would even have thought of taking this stupid case after previously upholding the ACA in 2012, this is a good day for liberals, people in the 34 states who were afraid they could lose their healthcare, and the world at large.

I know the conservatives must be flipping out, but they just refuse to get it that the Bush appointed John Roberts has now twice affirmed that this is the Law of the Land. Give it up, already!

Admittedly, there are many problems with the ACA, and it’s by no means single payer, which is what I think the United States should have, but it’s still a step in the right direction. The word, Obamacare, may have bad connotations now, but I guarantee it won’t always be so. Despite the problems we’re dealing with today, history may very well remember Obama as a good President.

Remember, to quote the ol’ cliche: The United States is the very last rich country to implement a national healthcare plan for its people. My hope is that these policies will help make universal healthcare in the US as permanent as the Pentagon. This is the case in every other civilised nation.

Don’t the right ever get tired of being on the wrong side of history all the time ?

This is the last entry I will write on politics for a while.



Scalia flips out. Well, tough cookies, you lost.


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