I realise that in my last post I said that I was not going to write anything political for a while after noting SCOTUS’ wonderful decision that millions of Americans would continue to have healthcare. I know I said, no more politics. But what has happened in the last two days has been so important that I’m just going to have to break character. Sorry if anyone is offended.

For personal reasons, this was a horrible week for myself, but it was an amazing week for myself as a liberal. This was a great week for liberals in the United States and progressives around the world. Two major talking points in the conservative platform have been dealt irreparable damage. Yesterday, the Supreme Court ruled that gays could marry in all 50 states.

But before you celebrate, know that conservatives are mad. No, they’re infuriated. The older, whiter, more Southern, more corporate base, who have always arrogantly believed this country belongs to them and them only, perceive these new developments as an all out assault on their way of life. And if you don’t believe me, ask a conservative.

They’re going to fight hard “take the country back” and thus, they will give it all they’ve got in 2016. I can’t stress how much we cannot let that happen.

As you may know, we have a panel of aging Supreme Court justices who are so old, they may be near death for all we know. Read more about it here:


The next President may very well influence which in direction the Court will go, for the next 30 years.

Do you understand what I just said? The next Presidential administration almost certainly will decide the fate of the nation at large for potentially decades.

We have in our midst a golden opportunity. You see the Republicans and conservatives are terrified. They’re literally one election cycle away from losing a great deal of their leverage, permanently. One election cycle away from being relegated to local government in rural white areas between the coasts. If you are a progressive, need I remind you how overdue such a change would be?

One election cycle from finally beginning to catch up to the rest of the Western world, in healthcare, in higher education, in foreign policy.

You see despite how many people currently resent Obama, I stand by my statement that he may go down in American history as one of the best Presidents we have ever had.

But we’re also one election cycle of Republicans messing it up. One cycle away from being again mired in an administration doling out every last privilege to corporations they can dole out, keeping Americans poorer and sicker, waging endless wars in the Middle East, and making it, once again, in vogue to be willfully stupid, as it was ten years ago. The strides we’ve made in the past 7 years: they will all but go away, and the next Bush style mess will be many times harder to repair.

So if you are a liberal, I implore you to stop being a lame ass Starbucks hipster liberal who talks about this and that without actually showing any signs he means it. Do something about what you believe in, it’s your country, let’s show the world we regard it as such.


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