^The Young Turks seems to suspect so, as does Amanda Marcotte of Slate.


Now if you have been living under a rock the past week, it is alleged that the women’s health group is selling the parts of aborted fetuses on the black market. Pretty heavy stuff right? But the question of which is actually a lot murkier than people think. TYT reports that this is not actually about ‘the black market’ for money, but involves medical research and that P.P. does not actually stand to gain profits.

The group levying this accusation is the Center for Medical Progress, a right wing medical think tank (see: front for more corporate crap). Does that not sound a little suspicious? Marcotte says that the group has a long history of targeting liberal causes in an attempt to defame them. These are the same kind of people who have directly held back medical progress by holding back stem cell research itself. We don’t even know how many medical conditions could be curable by now had such research been allowed to move on unimpeded.

Congress has now been prompted into investigating the situation, but I have a feeling this is more a GOP attempt to make themselves look good to their base for 2016. They have had, after all, a terrible month: gays are now being treated more like full citizens, millions of people still have healthcare, and the flag of hate come down in South Carolina. Man, it must be tough to be a bigot right now.

Pro life activists don’t actually care about life. Never have. No GOP President since Roe v Wade has ever done anything substantial to try to overturn it, and many pro-lifers support a whole host of stances incompatible with preserving life, like unfettered capitalism leading to pollution, endless war, and cutting the welfare state. There is not one right wing policy on Earth that even remotely reflects “medical progress”.

Case in point, you’re pro-life? Stop supporting the death penalty, and stop refusing aid to children whose parents don’t have money once they cease to be fetuses and actually are a part of society. You can’t pretend to care about a fetus when you don’t even want to help a child.


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