If you read my blog, it’s incredibly clear that I am a strong liberal Democrat and that I would never, could never, support someone like Donald Trump. I also don’t think it was morally sound nor electorally sound to criticize John McCain’s service to the country. In fact, it very well might have been electoral suicide.

But why’s it such a big deal that he got student deferments to get out of Vietnam? Even someone as crazy and extreme as him is sensible enough to know that we had no reason to be there and that it’s smart, not cowardly, to get out of military service in such a time. That doesn’t mean John McCain isn’t smart, but would you really think it’s worth to go what he did as a POW for a war that did the country no good? Many people would say ‘yes’, despite that Vietnam war served us wrong, and I could respect that view, but I’m not one of those people. I can’t stop my country from going to war, but I can say that I won’t fight their battles if I had no say in whether or not they would take place (not to mention whether or not my tax money, and my children’s tax money would fund it).

May my fellow liberals forgive me for saying that playing squash and messing around at Le Club sounds a whole lot better than spending five years in a Vietnamese prison camp.


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