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With Benghazi on the election spotlight, and the investigation of Hillary’s email server problem ongoing, the right has capitalized on a lesser known claim that she was fired at age 27, from the Watergate investigation. The reason? Interference with Nixon’s right to legal counsel. Or at the very least, it’s what the conservative media has been saying for some time now, recently stepping the game up.

But does the evidence give the claim any credit? Not so fast.

Even a cursory Googling of this doesn’t reveal anything passed speculation. All you’ll really find is that her suprevisor, Jerry Zeifman, was unhappy with her at the investigations end, a reflection he’s later said to have regretted expressing. But there’s no hard evidence she was let go before then specifically regarding Nixon’s hearings. I’d like to say, I “dug up” this little bit of info, but it’s so out in the open…

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