A post from my political blog in response to the horrible tragedy in Dallas.

Kapitalist Kitty

In case you weren’t already aware, Dallas was last night hit hard by an unspeakable tragedy. Five police officers were killed by what the police are describing as sniper fire in an attack during a Black Lives Matter protest. This demonstration, along with others all over the country, have been organized by activists in response to the most recent waves of police shootings in various states. Such shootings disproportionately affect black men who, armed or not, are almost never in a position that warrants the use of lethal force.

I must make it clear that nobody in their right minds would say attacks on police are a good thing. We must be strident in our wishes to see that violence is always averted. Not just for the people who depend on the protection of the police, but for the police as well. We do not, and should not, wish law…

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