I just read an interesting article in the New York Times of a somewhat successful (though perhaps not quite as much as the article is attempting to let on) actor and film director named Danny Strong who is set to put a film spin on the life of the late author J.D. Salinger.

You may know Salinger best as the writer of the famed Catcher in the Rhye and thereby the creator of the perhaps legendary Holden Caulfield. There was never a well read young brat that at one time or another didn’t compare his character and life situation to that Caulfield, and conversely never one who was accurate in such self flattery.

But not much is known to most people, even devoted readers of his work, about what Salinger’s own life was really like. This film will serve to revive some interest in the author in addition to the authored.

And while it’s a bit unfortunate to me that contemporary readers only became interested in Salinger’s work after his death in 2010, it’s best to sometimes employ the old maxim “better late than never.”



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