A response to the news regarding the Pope. From my political blog

Kapitalist Kitty

That’s why I’m waiting for Pope Francis’ recent move for a “commission” to discuss the deaconate of women in the Roman Catholic Church to inspire the latest conservative hissy fit.

Right wing pundits and voters alike, once friendly (or at least neutral) towards the church during the pontificate of Benedict XVI, have all but lost their warm feelings. But “why” you ask?

Well, to make the story simple: Pope Francis is far more liberal than Pope Benedict XVI ever was. Some even say he’s the most liberal Pope the world has ever seen. The Pontiff of Argentine origin believes man made global warming is a bonafide catastrophe waiting to happen. He maintains that a great many Americans are misguided in their wishes to “contain” immigration, at the expense of immigrants.  And he drew ire when he said that homosexuals have been unjustly targeted in much of the world throughout history.

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