Some things I’ve noticed when the conservatives talk about “tolerance”. From my political blog.

Kapitalist Kitty

I wanted to revisit for a little bit, my previous claim that it is actually the political right that gets most “triggered” in response to criticism.

Picture for a moment that it’s November 2008 again.

I’m speaking briefly in the store with a Republican voter: middle aged woman, blue jeans and a green t-shirt, New Balance sneakers (a shoe choice I just can’t argue with; they’re good shoes), middle weight range, straight brown hair. You could say she had the Sarah Palin motif going. She was probably somewhat attractive (but not beautiful) in her college years, and likely much more liberal. Bless her heart, she’s enthusiastic about the election, and tells me she is not voting for Barack Obama because she “doesn’t like socialism”, implying Obama is a socialist. She’s entitled to her opinion, but it’s factually wrong.

When I proceeded to explain that Bush 43, close to the…

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