Some thoughts on Jill Stein, with a link to her TYT interview.

Kapitalist Kitty

Stein is well spoken and astute.

Despite being 66 years old, she is as much a millennial’s candidate as Bernie Sanders (also and oldie). Stein echoes millennial concerns surrounding corporate money’s grip on electoral politics, internet freedom, student debt, healthcare, and U.S. foreign policy strategy.

Despite that many voters quip about third party candidates being crackpots and tinfoil hat wearers, Stein’s stances are quite mainstream. On climate change, vaccines, and higher education, she sounds almost indistinguishable from a progressive Democrat, or even a moderate Republican.

Bernie Sanders supporters who feel alienated by Hillary Clinton’s nomination at the DNC believe they are going to show up to the polls in large enough numbers to elect her. But unfortunately, I have no choice as a realist to burst such a bubble. The harsh reality is that so long as we have a winner-take-all electoral system in the US, third party candidates will…

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