Flipping through Facebook, I’ve seen many people claim that democracy is sacred. In its sacredness, we must respect the decision America has made, and move on with it peacefully. Though these statements seem to take a moral high ground, I would urge them to remember that hate was never resolved by simple acquiescence. We have entered a phase defined by anger, and that anger has turned into the bullying of the marginalized. We must all, then, fight for those marginalized. I will not accept a country that defunds organizations like Planned Parenthood which respect the rights of my body. I will not accept racism. I will not accept someone who disregards the presence of police brutality and uses it to stress an increase in “law and order”.

It is devastating to be associated with a country that elects someone who brags about grabbing the genitalia of women without their consent, and has been accused of doing so, at least eight times. I have lived away from America for over four years, but I have never felt so detached from it. Donald Trump is not just a bully, but a representation of a wave of social hatred that needs to be resolved through activism. But moving to Canada or staying in Britain is not the answer. Liberalism is dead. We need to take our anger and convert it into a new left wing populism.


I’m skeptical of the rise of populism. I think it has the potential to set the Western world ablaze in fringe maniacs from both sides of the political spectrum. However, the victor in the political context are those who recognize a changing collective mentality and seize upon it first. Liberals like myself who are saddened by the election of Donald Trump to the highest office of the land need to realize that there was a paradigm shift in the works and he capitalized on it before we could. This was in part because Democratic Party’s leadership didn’t appear to have a clue what was going on and also in part because many Americans are unsure of who to unleash their anger upon and the most vulnerable are easy targets. It’s the world we’re dealing with.

Where do we go from here?


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