They’re incredibly vacuous for a number of reasons:

  1. There’s no need for it to be January 1 in order for you to resolve to do something new. You can turn over a new leaf any day of the year. Why does it being on January 1 make it different from it being on May 12 or March 6?
  2. Nobody ever follows through with them. They’re usually too broad of plans. Most people don’t accomplish goals unless they narrow them down to easily and quickly attainable components. You don’t want to resolve for instance, that you will look like a fitness model by next year unless you can set a timetable by which you could say, lose 5 lbs.
  3. Talk is meaningless without action. People tend to feel very excited about starting a new year because they believe “this year will be my year”. They are hopeful that they will live a more fulfilling and prosperous life than the previous year. However, most people end up finishing the year in a similar state of affairs as the year prior (which can be a good thing compared with hard life changes, like what I underwent this year). It’s better in my opinion to keep quiet about self improvement plans and just do them. It makes you look and feel a whole lot more capable.
  4. It fills gyms up. Gyms are mostly scam operations unless you utilize weights or a swimming pool often. Most people incorporate getting more physically fit into their New Year’s resolutions because they want to feel healthier and more attractive to others. But most people also overestimate the frequency by which they will use their new gym. People who do this are contributing to the rising profit margins (and costs) of gyms without even using them. Not good. Or considerate.

Well, that’s about it. Happy 2017.


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