This is a great source of some perspective on the matter. The relatively recent issues of mass displacement in troubled parts of the world has been a politically jarring issue for most; the current refugee crisis came on very quickly, involves great scores of the displaced in a short time, and opens up questions of social and cultural integration of migrants into destination countries at a time when issues such as national borders and nationalist identity have received a surge of perhaps unexpected salience.

I am concerned that the Western world is losing its “give me your tired and your poor” attitude toward the less fortunate countries of the world and instead adopting a more hyper-tribal, ultranationalist platform for how they look at themselves and those on the outside. This would, quite ironically, be the same type of platform and mindset that enabled countries like Syria and Iraq to cause the problems that created this mess in the first place. I never thought I would live to see the day where refugee, something that as recently as 10 years ago invoked for most, feelings of compassion and altruism, devolve into a word that is reflexively seen as a four letter word by huge segments of Western voters.

As this is my blog about exploring, travel, and art, and not Kapitalist Kitty, my political blog, I ask you take what I say (or what Miliband in the TED Talks video says) with a grain of salt. I’m also not denying that some entering EU states as refugees may have ill intentions toward the West (though I am inclined to believe it’s a number far less than what the right wing report). I just feel this is a necessary issue to share with others.


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