I warned people in 2015 what would happen if liberals didn’t vote in big numbers. And it’s happening. We still have 2018. Are we gong to give that up too?

The Stately Reindeer


I realise that in my last post I said that I was not going to write anything political for a while after noting SCOTUS’ wonderful decision that millions of Americans would continue to have healthcare. I know I said, no more politics. But what has happened in the last two days has been so important that I’m just going to have to break character. Sorry if anyone is offended.

For personal reasons, this was a horrible week for myself, but it was an amazing week for myself as a liberal. This was a great week for liberals in the United States and progressives around the world. Two major talking points in the conservative platform have been dealt irreparable damage. Yesterday, the Supreme Court ruled that gays could marry in all 50 states.

But before you celebrate, know that conservatives are mad. No, they’re infuriated. The older, whiter…

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