The first on the political July 4th edition from Kapitalist Kitty

Kapitalist Kitty

It may be because he had a genuine sense that a government for, of, and by the people should be relatively unimpeded by corruption, it may be that he faced down the Soviets so effectively, or it may be that he may have died a martyr to his own causes, but John F. Kennedy is today regarded by Republicans and Democrats alike as the people’s president. Kennedy seized the advent of television to his advantage, using his image to upstage Richard Nixon in the 1960 Presidential Debate and the rest, electorally speaking is history. The first and only Roman Catholic president went on to reform Eisenhower’s comparatively rigid foreign policy toward the Soviet Union (which did work fairly well for Ike’s time), developing the doctrine of flexible response, something Eisenhower’s guidance seemed to ease the Kennedy administration into adopting.

His policy was weighed & measured almost immediately, and his tact…

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