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Thank God their “health plan” is failing…

op-ed link —-NYT’s Ross Douthat contends the GOP should use their unified government to focus on across the board, or at least Bush 43 style, tax cuts to stimulate the economy, and stop putting their bets on health care “reform” (see: gutting health care) when every proposed “repeal & replace” (and now just with the “repeal” part…and they wonder why that too, floundered) legislation was doomed from the start to go down in the flames of constituent opinion.


It couldn’t, because there was never anything close to a Republican consensus about what health care reform should do. But this grand strategy’s failure still leaves the party with a simpler option, one that would satisfy the yearning for tax cuts that remains a divided conservatism’s only certain common ground. Republicans could just go ahead and cut taxes the way Bush did — without…

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