WARNING: This post contains spoilers.

Late to the party, but I finally saw the film last night. Here are some of my initial reactions:

  • The special effects just keep getting better and better. This work of cinema makes the 2007 Transformers look somewhat vintage in comparison. The light and colours meander through every last fibre of your optic nerves and I imagine could trigger a migraine in someone who are susceptible.
  • The Dark Ages angle was one of the most creative things I’ve ever seen this series do.
  • Anthony Hopkins was the acting MVP for this film IMO. His high ranking aristocrat motif is comical, but it works, as does his estate, a vast world of lineage, where he shows the main characters his historical connection to the events at hand. I was just slightly confused as to his motivations. It’s as though he simply wanted to see the world unravel before he died.
  • The robot butler was so much like C3PO on Star Wars that the writers had to take to acknowledging it so they could get a pass on the rip off.
  • Vivian and Mark Whalberg’s character should have gotten together earlier in the film. They were both clearly stressed out and needed a distraction.
  • There’s some discord in the plotline. Some of Megatron’s allies show in the beginning, manifesting as stock characters and then we never see much of them again.
  • Loved the vintage black car that Vivian was driving around in.
  • As did I like the weaponry and the robots that were helping the main characters throughout the disaster area.
  • I was somewhat impressed that Unicron destroyed some very important parts of the world, including many landmarks, before it and Quintessa were stopped. It shows the gravity of the situation, and the consequences of failure.


In the end, they did fail, because Unicron is shown to be on the move to return. Oops!

Overall, I think it was a great film, having a great deal more substance than many some of the previous Transformers films in the series. It made the relatively long length of the film feel like a bumpy ride rather than tedious. I’d certainly go see it again.



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