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Skip to about 8 minutes into the video to see clips of a neo-Confederate agitator being escorted off the campus shortly after the horrible day in which another Alt Right sympathizer launched a domestic terrorist attack into a crowd of people opposing the racist and fascist hatred promoted by the Alt Right.

What if the Charlottesville attack had happened at a different point in recent American history?

Well, in any year after about 1970 and before 2014, you’d have the vast majority of the American public rallying in harsh criticism of Trump’s failure to condemn this insanity unambiguously, denouncing his ridiculous cop-out that the carnage is just coming from “both sides”. But in the days after the killing of Michael Brown, we have a bigger mass movement condoning white racism in this country than anything we’ve seen since the 1960’s. The once non-racial nationalism of “We just don’t want 

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