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At the very least, the Zimbabwean president turned long term dictator will no longer be in power of one of Southern Africa’s poorest nations. Mugabe, the man who came to known for practicing the very oppression he once rose against the Rhodesian regime to fight, has resigned as president after the Zimbabwean military placed him under house arrest.

I’ve followed the goings on in this nation very closely for many years, and it always struck me the way in which the Zanu PF took the southern continent’s epicentre of natural resources and turned it into one of the worst economies on the planet. The strife, hyperinflation, and chaos didn’t begin immediately; here’s a clip from 1994 of Dan Rather reporting on the Mugabe regime, which he at the time said had helped put “neither white fears nor black hopes” into realization:

Ahh, but this was some years still prior to the…

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