As per the ongoing comments by the White House, seen right this moment on CBS, it would seem our excuse for a president is throwing a temper tantrum over Schumer’s resistance to an unjust and regressive proposed budget while the other megalomaniac across the Pacific may have launched an ICBM that could theoretically reach the continental United States. Further, the excuse of a president is using the crisis to call for a significantly expanded military while also saying he wants lower taxes.

So how does that work, all you fiscal conservative number whizzes? Supply side economics and the unfair tax burden it invariably places on the middle and lower classes has consistently shown itself not to work.

We know Trump didn’t get in to the White House by putting forth a traditional Bush/Reagan style Republican platform to voters, and nationalist Trump voters aren’t thrilled with the idea of multinational corporations making a killing in tax breaks while they still continue to ship jobs overseas. So why then is Trump aggressively clinging to a fiscal model that will alienate most voters if passed? The answer is because he’s more afraid of Mitch McConnell and Paul Ryan than he wants his Twitters minions to think, especially with 2018 elections coming.

Some military expert should also inform Trump that we could blow North Korea into the Stone Age without increasing military spending, much of which will just go to big defense business contracts.

What would it take to get enough people to vote this guy out in 2020?


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