Phases of the moon are not caused by the Earth’s Shadow engulfing it as many people often believe. Instead the moon’s phases as we see them are determined by the direction from which the sun is shining on the moon.

This is why we often see full moons long after the sun has set. The sun is essentially Illuminating the moon from the other side of the Earth relative to the viewer. What has always come across my mind anytime I look at the Moon on a cold Winter’s Night, is the way in which we often perceive the Moon as a cold object when we’re looking at it from that vantage point. I often ask people if they think that the moon they are looking at is hot or cold. Most say it is cold. I think this might be because when we  view the moon on a cold Winter’s Night, it appears to us as though it is a giant ball of ice. However when you are looking at the moon illuminated you are actually looking at the daytime Side of the Moon and the moon’s daytime temperatures are very hot.

This is just something I think is cool to think about every now and then


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