“I didn’t do it!!”


As it turns out, there may have been a very strategic reason the bastard held out for a few days in his refusal to resign from the presidency. While the parliament came together to bring forth impeachment proceedings with even members of the ZANU-PF joining in, Mr. Mugabe was negotiating the terms for his departure from the office he’d occupied since 1987. These negotiations will prove fruitful for him. Turns out Mr. Mugabe will receiving full immunity for his family members, the assurances that his business dealings in the country will remain active, and a payout of nothing less than $10 million USD in a country where millions of Zimbabwean dollars only buy a few food items from shops that have infamously been near empty for more than a decade.

In the world in which the average citizen has to live, the intimidation tactics and outright widescale theft employed by this psychopath would warrant prison time. In the world of nation leadership, it’s reciprocated in payouts the Zimbabwean people couldn’t possibly dream of themselves receiving (and I don’t say that lightly; these people have had the dreams summarily beaten out of them by the baton).

Is there any glimmer of hope for the country that Mnangagwa enact liberalization that will take the country in a direction towards healing? There may be. But rewarding the past administration for misdeeds the new boss pretends to condemn is not change for the people. It’s business as usual.


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