Conservative idiot doesn’t realize the song isn’t meant to be taken as a manifesto. But I can’t quite say he’s an idiot. Shapiro’s pretty good at using underhanded debate tactics to make the other side look bad (also doesn’t help many who argue against him don’t quite know how to do it). And given his dedicated following of Alt Right millennials who are too young and unwise to know better, it’s pretty clear the approach works.


He’s especially distraught with the idea that someone would sing about no countries or possessions. But that makes sense; conservatives are nationalists and free marketeers, even though the strongest application of either one of those ideologies would cancel the other out. Still, Lennon was clearly singing from the standpoint of what he’d like a perfect world to look like, not necessarily what kind of political agenda he’d implement. We only need to have countries and personal possessions because humans don’t trust each other enough (at least for the present time) to be peaceful without them. That’s why it’s called Imagine, and he describes himself as a “dreamer”. It’s not a ringing endorsement of international communism or something…

So maybe he’s not an idiot, but he acted like one in regards to this. Maybe he can analyze Disco Inferno. Maybe he thinks it’s about a literal, burning disco ball.





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