I found this, on some random right winger’s blog , a post from 2005, where the author appears not to know about Barack Obama. Or maybe he’d heard of him at that point and wouldn’t acknowledge him because he feels he didn’t deserve to be there. I’m guessing it’s the former however, seeing as the conservatives couldn’t stand Obama (mostly for bogus reasons) once they actually had heard of him. That’s when the nonsense about him supposedly having been a Kenyan born Muslim-communist-radical-atheist, or whatever they thought he was, spread around among the wingnuts.

I remember as far back as 2005 people speculating that Obama would “be the next president”. They were right of course. In contrast, I think even many Trump supporters didn’t think he’d win until he actually did. And while he was a household name as far back as 20 years ago, I don’t think even Trump himself had ever envisioned he’d be president today.

So it goes to show you: the next president might be someone you are not currently familiar with…or someone you’d never imagine would be the next president.





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