Residents in Albuquerque fight unsustainable development

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A story from my own city, in which residents of a “Northeast heights” (a nice, suburban type district of the city for those not familiar with it) neighbourhood express great concern that a new development plan involving a proposed highway and senior centre will detract from their views, and perhaps property values.

And while this is a clear cut example of white, upper middle class, suburban, and old privilege (you wouldn’t see this turned into a story if it were people in the less affluent ABQ parts like Barelas or the SW quadrant had their own views threatened), I have to applaud the efforts of homeowners to resist uncontrolled and ultimately unsustainable development in a city already plagued by water issues, crime waves, and wealth inequality.

We’re always hearing about how the public sector should “live within its means”, but that line of reasoning is rarely applied to the activities in…

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On Robert Mueller’s quest to take down the Trump administration

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Kapitalist Kitty

I’ve noticed a number of people on forums and YouTube videos asking what is taking special counsel Robert Mueller so long to come out with the loose ends all tied up, calling from the D.C. rooftops that the Trump train indeed did get by with a little help from their Russian friends.

Some are saying Mueller’s been quiet on the matter because he has no case. Others say he’s just waiting for the iron to be hot enough to strike. But given his recent gestures of “meaning business”, that is, in the words of Chris Cilizza of CNN, having the FBI raid Paul Manafort’s home, we could be left to infer that for the time being, Mueller, indeed does “mean business”, as per Cilizza.

Trump critics and otherwise, don’t fret with dispair just yet. Consider the lyrics of our good musical friend Tom Petty. Stay politically engaged!

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Why Trump supporters should stop being so angry about federal courts blocking executive orders

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Kapitalist Kitty

This is what I said on the matter on a Yahoo Answers question:

The purpose of all three branches of gov’t, legislative, judicial, executive, is to keep the other two from getting too much power. It works. When it breaks down you get tyranny. 

Many people are unaware that there are very few, if any, modern nation states that don’t have some kind of written constitution. The problem with many of them is that they don’t have extensive provisions as to what the government, especially the executive branch, CAN’T do. This was the case with the USSR. 

Even when say, Trump supporters are pissed off when federal judges block some of his executive orders, they should take care to realise that without those kinds of mechanisms in place, the president, Republican OR Democrat, could basically become a dictator. And nobody wants that.

It’s starting to look more and more to…

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