Tim Keller’s Election: Nice to see good win again

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Kapitalist Kitty

I earlier expressed on the matter of the 2017 Albuquerque Mayoral Race, which I had attended a debate pertinent to, that I believed the final results to be a battle between Brian Colon and Dan Lewis in which Lewis would take the gold.

I’m happy to say this isn’t the case. My choice of candidate from the start was state auditor, now mayor-elect Tim Keller, but thought his campaign would be thwarted by Lewis’ doubling down on the McGruff Crime Dog approach to a city saturated by theft and violence.

Remember that just a couple weeks back Lewis even further ramped up the dirty tricks by attributing to Keller, a quote about “catch and release judges” that has not indication of having been said.

It’s refreshing to see that the people of Albuquerque didn’t let fear or susceptibility to hearsay derail their common sense, and they elected the more progressive…

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Internet echo chambers are an exaggerated phenomemon

The latest from Kapitalist Kitty

Kapitalist Kitty


The section in the book Everybody Lies which is reviewed and this link, which addresses the issue of internet echo chambers. In the past year, the news media, both mainstream and alternative, have overestimated the prevalence of a state of affairs in which an internet goer will shut them self off from those who have political views different from their own.

But the section on political views showed that people are actually more likely to come accross those with opposing political views on major websites than in “real life”.

I think the real culprit are not necessarily the “echo chambers”, because it’s clear in many of these online flame wars that people are aware what the other is saying, but the idea, not at all softened by social media based political leaders, that pundits and people on the other end of the ideological spectrum are out to get each…

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I don’t feel sorry for Paul Manafort

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Kapitalist Kitty

I know I probably said this before but when I notice people such as Alex Jones talk about how supposedly below the belt Mueller’s pursuit of Manafort has been, I wonder if they know or care how below the belt Manafort’s support for thugs such as Jonas Savimbe in Angola or Ukranian agitators was. Is the guy reaping what he’s sown?

And once again, his connection to Trump, in conjunction with a laundry list of other dirty points tell us the Trump administration and everyone connected to it have an awful lot to hide.

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Michelle Goldberg on the hypothetical Trump impeachment

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Kapitalist Kitty

Some commentators fear “normalizing” impeachment as a tool of routine political warfare. But Bill Clinton’s impeachment already normalized its use against Democrats on the flimsiest of pretexts. Had Hillary Clinton been elected, the campaign to remove her would probably be in full swing by now. Democrats may wish to return to a less destructive brand of politics, but that’s not an option while Trump sits in the White House.

While he does, we’re all better off if he thinks impeachment is a possibility. “I’m hoping that if Trump is aware that he could be removed, that that awareness constrains him to the extent he can be constrained,” Sherman said. And the best way to show Trump that people are serious about impeaching him is to put the message on television.

Good read , but Golberg, unlike say, Lawrence Lessig, has forgotten that the electoral college, the very instrument…

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Trump gets put in his place again — From CNN: Hawaii judge blocks Trump’s latest travel ban

Hawaii judge blocks Trump’s latest travel ban


Tim Kaine said it best during last year’s presidential debates that it’s the customs and immigration agencies’ authority to vet by circumstance not by assuming someone is guilty and denying them entry based on what country they’re from.

That said, we missed out on a great Vice President.

States fight back against Trump’s anti-Obamacare executive order

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Kapitalist Kitty

One such state is my home state of New Mexico. And that’s considering New Mexico, despite having a Democratic legislature, has had a Republican governor for nearly 7 years now.

It’s funny how the Orange President had to resort to a backhanded EO in order to gut some of the key provisions of the ACA when he failed time and again to get rid of it via Congress, even with the help of Mitch McConnell as his Senatorial attack dog, even with a unified Republican government and Paul Ryan’s post election claim to a mandate.

This president’s scorched earth approach to the ACA in the wake of his failure to repeal and replace it, followed by the jump in premiums for the middle class (ironically many people who voted for the guy) that will transpire if the efforts to fight him on this are unsuccessful, has shown us just how…

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Conservatives are hypocrites on Calexit

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Kapitalist Kitty

It’s just that simple. Brexit was the conservatives’ big love child across the pond, yet the concept of California seceding the Union was laughed at and dismissed by conservatives this side of the Atlantic.

Now some of the more clever conservatives have said that they would favour a California secession because the country would then lose 55 electoral (blue) votes and a “liberal” state that in their opinion doesn’t reflect the overall attitude of the nation. This is even though the country leans centre left on many of the most important issues, including healthcare and foreign policy.

That’s a large part of why I don’t like the idea of California breaking off (won’t happen anyway); they actually more accurately reflect how Americans feel than any sample taken out of rural Texas does.

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Albuquerque mayoral election will likely lead to a runoff election

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Kapitalist Kitty

Yes, this election , the hotly contested one that’s the result of Mayor Berry declining to run again.

Now I was in attendance at the recent mayoral debate, hosted by the University of New Mexico. I will make it clear in a post later, covering the event why I am in support of Tim Keller over everyone else, and why I am sad to say that I don’t predict or anticipate he will win.

Further, there are a couple of candidates I could definitively say I hope do not win, namely Dan Lewis and Wayne Johnson. Lewis is your standard “pro-business” conservative, and as such he would be the businessman’s mayor, but I’m not sure that won’t be to the exclusion of everyone else, especially immigrants and their families, considering he stated his opposition to sanctuary cities. Ditto for Johnson, although I imagine Johnson to be even more hard nosed…

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