Douthat is wrong about today’s GOP

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Thank God their “health plan” is failing…

op-ed link —-NYT’s Ross Douthat contends the GOP should use their unified government to focus on across the board, or at least Bush 43 style, tax cuts to stimulate the economy, and stop putting their bets on health care “reform” (see: gutting health care) when every proposed “repeal & replace” (and now just with the “repeal” part…and they wonder why that too, floundered) legislation was doomed from the start to go down in the flames of constituent opinion.


It couldn’t, because there was never anything close to a Republican consensus about what health care reform should do. But this grand strategy’s failure still leaves the party with a simpler option, one that would satisfy the yearning for tax cuts that remains a divided conservatism’s only certain common ground. Republicans could just go ahead and cut taxes the way Bush did — without…

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Mitch McConnell sets his sights on “Repeal Only” strategy…immediately hits a roadblock

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One of the biggest congressional tacticians, McConnell’s efforts to either repeal and replace the ACA or get rid of it altogether has fallen on thankfully rough times. As attempt after attempt fails and will continue to do so, the American right will have to confront the distinct possibility that government subsidized healthcare will become as permanent a staple of the social safety net as the provisions outlined in the New Deal, the likes of which not even the most conservative politicians would even hint at a jettison.

Joe Biden said it well in the 1980’s: change of attitudes precedes change of policy, and healthcare coverage is a battle that will be won by the continued change of attitudes.

But until then, progressives and the politicians they support need to be ever on their guard because we know the extent to which the GOP likes dirty tricks.

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Is Emmanuel Marcon the Antidote to Trumpism?

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Kapitalist Kitty

President Trump met with newly elected French President Emmanuel Marcon at the Élysée Palace, discussing issues most pertinent to the international situation: terrorism & climate change policy. But in addition to all the standard textbook international stuff, Trump also offered up his defense of junior Donald, who’s recently found himself in some hot water (and not from rising sea levels) over whether his meeting with a Russian lawyer further complicates things for the Trump administration, which, along with Russian President Vladimir Putin, vehemently denies that the Trump campaign colluded with the Russians to wrongfully influence the outcome of the 2016 elections.

Putting the most obviously salient issue aside for a moment, Marcon’s diplomatic relations with Trump is something I’d advise people to keep a close eye on. France and the US have always had a touch and go relationship on matters of foreign policy, and Marcon is a far more centrist…

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Kristen Powers of USA Today eloquently describes the CNN Reddit Affair

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The fact is, this man was free to post whatever he wanted; he was not “censored” as Turley claims, any more than I will have been “censored” when I get attacked by the alt-right for writing this column. This man’s speech was completely free of any restrictions. What his defenders are objecting to is him being accountable for what he wrote and posted. Holding a person accountable for what they say is not a violation of their free speech, unless the entity doing it is the government.

There are consequences to our speech. If a person wants to be in good standing in society, then they perhaps should not post racist garbage on the Internet for fun. We are not obligated to protect a person’s identity so they can spread and foment racial hatred. They should take the hood off and own their behavior. Their targets do not have…

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One potential domestic pitfall of striking North Korea

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…and that is that Trump’s failures and nefarious intentions in his domestic policies will be given too much slack, both by the public and by lawmakers. It’s well known that war time presidents become immune to criticism for around the first few months following major military action.

I’ll regale you last decade when Bush 43 invaded Iraq. A significant portion of Congress, including, regrettably, many prominent Democrats, voted in favour of authorizing military force against Saddam’s regime. The big concerns and criticisms came some months later, when the now known to be misguided invasion was well underway.

I’m just mentioning this because it’s probably something that should be taken into consideration. I want the DPRK to answer for their actions, but we also need to be sure Trump answers for his poor presidency.

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Trump’s proposed voter witch hunt: his first major abuse of privacy

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Kapitalist Kitty

It’s official. Our new president has put together a plan to severely compromise the privacy of millions of Americans with regard to their voter info. The Trumpistas are correct when they say he really does work fast.

The Trump administration has put together a task force aimed at retrieving voter information, some public, some not so public, from all 50 states, with many states outright refusing to comply; I commend those states! Surprisingly, the blue/purple bastion within the sea of red that is inland America, Colorado, is one of the few states that has offered to cooperate without any resistance. So remind me not to vote in a state that doesn’t care about the privacy of their own voters, but I digress…

Generally speaking, the state lawmakers that support or oppose Trump’s “election integrity” committee are taking their position mainly on party lines, though there are a number of state…

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North Korea’s July 4th Act of War

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Kapitalist Kitty

Since Otto Warmbier’s death toward after his release from North Korea last month, I’ve been wondering when the camel’s back is finally going to break on the escalating tensions between the DPRK and the rest of the world. The isolated, dictatorial nation levied another straw, perhaps one made of lead and not of wheat, upon the camel yesterday, when the regime launched what was confirmed by the US to be an ICBM capable of hitting somewhere in Alaska. The North Koreans consider this experiment a great success, according to KCNA, the country’s state run news agency.

Obviously, those at greatest risk if a war does transpire, other than the North Koreans themselves, are those situated in Seoul, which has enjoyed a period of prosperity with a dash of nervous finger crossing since the armistice, which stopped “hot” military action in the area. But make no mistake, the DPRK’s detainment of…

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The right’s self righteous posturing over the CNN Reddit Affair

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Kapitalist Kitty

Well, I guess with the 4th of July gone and things getting politically serious (and thus murky) once again, I had to go ahead and offer my two cents on the CNN Reddit affair(TM). Everyone else seems to be doing so.

You can read about the long story here, but the short story is that a certain Reddit forum user, most likely of the Alt Right political persuasion, photoshopped a picture of President Trump pummeling a pro wrestler with the CNN logo for a face. Backlash has ensued on both sides as some on the left criticize the meme, especially after Trump himself tweeted the image. They say this is further promulgation of violence or hostility towards the press. We’ve already witnessed some pretty damning evidence of course, not just from right wing ‘value voters’, but politicians, that the right wing has taken on violent inclinations towards press outlets…

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July 4th Edition: (Political) reasons to love America, #3: Barack Obama

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Kapitalist Kitty

There’s no question that naming the 44th President of the United States as a bona fida reason to be proud of the country is a post to which some may concur and others may scoff. But I felt the former president is deserving of a spot on this list not only because of the things he accomplished in office, but the things he accomplished ideologically, the precedent for a more progressive America his presidency set.

Mr. Obama’s leadership on the pragmatic level was rocky in its successes. The Republican Party attempted to obstruct him on nearly everything he had ever proposed, even with regards to stances you’d expect more moderate Republicans to find common ground with. Nonetheless, Obama’s biggest achievement, the Affordable Care Act, under which millions of Americans are now insured was passed and affirmed as the law of the land by SCOTUS. Not once…but twice. And even though…

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