Residents in Albuquerque fight unsustainable development

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A story from my own city, in which residents of a “Northeast heights” (a nice, suburban type district of the city for those not familiar with it) neighbourhood express great concern that a new development plan involving a proposed highway and senior centre will detract from their views, and perhaps property values.

And while this is a clear cut example of white, upper middle class, suburban, and old privilege (you wouldn’t see this turned into a story if it were people in the less affluent ABQ parts like Barelas or the SW quadrant had their own views threatened), I have to applaud the efforts of homeowners to resist uncontrolled and ultimately unsustainable development in a city already plagued by water issues, crime waves, and wealth inequality.

We’re always hearing about how the public sector should “live within its means”, but that line of reasoning is rarely applied to the activities in…

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Why Trump supporters should stop being so angry about federal courts blocking executive orders

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Kapitalist Kitty

This is what I said on the matter on a Yahoo Answers question:

The purpose of all three branches of gov’t, legislative, judicial, executive, is to keep the other two from getting too much power. It works. When it breaks down you get tyranny. 

Many people are unaware that there are very few, if any, modern nation states that don’t have some kind of written constitution. The problem with many of them is that they don’t have extensive provisions as to what the government, especially the executive branch, CAN’T do. This was the case with the USSR. 

Even when say, Trump supporters are pissed off when federal judges block some of his executive orders, they should take care to realise that without those kinds of mechanisms in place, the president, Republican OR Democrat, could basically become a dictator. And nobody wants that.

It’s starting to look more and more to…

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Did unfettered residential/commercial development make Hurricane Harvey damage worse?

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Kapitalist Kitty

In the wake of the ongoing damage inflicted by Hurricane Harvey (and Trump’s lackluster, non-presidential, social media based response) the media has jumped on the predictable path of talking about poor urban planning only now that the politicians and pundits have decided it’s time for such a hot topic…

…that, however, doesn’t mean it’s not a topic well worth talking out: poor city planning decisions made without sufficient regard to long term complications are in part to blame for the severity of the hurricane induced floods in Houston. CNN contends that a hefty amount of residential and commercial development in the Houston metropolitan area lies in direct path of loads of water sure to engulf the area in the event something goes awry. In other words…in the event of the present crisis.


The larger question for planning experts was: Why were there homes and businesses in the path of that released…

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We absolutely must talk about Hurricane Harvey in the context of climate change

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Kapitalist Kitty

…because the increase in extreme weather we’ve seen in recent decades is most certainly a result of it. With the media focusing their attention on the hurricane ravaging the Texas coast, Trump’s scorched earth policy on climate change is taking a back seat, with conservatives and Trump supporters demanding not to be “lectured yet again” with the beginning of the hurricane season. The conservative response to any mention of climate change has become so inborn and so knee-jerk that we can’t even have any semblance of a healthy dialogue with them on the matter.

But ignoring it won’t make it go away, and it’s almost as if the conservatives think that’s literally the case, given Trump’s lackluster response to this hurricane.

Twelve years ago, we had an anti-science, Republican president failing to effectively control the damage of a devastating, climate change influenced hurricane. Today nothing has changed. Trump is painfully…

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Make no mistake, right wing rhetoric caused the Charlottesville attack

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Kapitalist Kitty

I’m a little tired of people trying to cop out of directly confronting those at fault for this horrible episode of domestic terrorism by saying “It’s coming from both sides” or “all sides” as Mr. Trump has stated. Yes, there does exist some highly isolated instances of political violence coming from the extreme left in this country, and yes, political violence must be condemned whether it comes from the other side or our own.

But the fundamental difference between violence coming from the left and that from the right is that the progressive left does not have a rhetoric problem. The progressive left’s message is, and always has been, that the country at large, especially those most vulnerable within it, must come first. This includes people of all races, creeds, and colours. The right wing message on the other hand, is and always has been that there are numerous classes…

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Trump’s Tough Talk on North Korea is only that…

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Kapitalist Kitty

The man with zero foreign policy experience prior to taking the White House is attempting to use Kim Jong Un’s stepped up aggression towards the United States to his advantage. And what is the President’s strategy for slapping down the Pacific dictatorship? Twitter.

I’ve made quite clear, my position as to what I believe should be done to deal with the DPRK, especially in light of their most recent threat, to launch an ICBM into the U.S. territory of Guam. We need diplomacy and we need reinforcement that countries unwilling to respect the peace of liberal democratic nations, which actually recognize the rights of their own citizens, will be subject to heavy sanction until made to step in line. In the event diplomacy fails, so to will a peaceful option with regards to the DPRK. With the regime getting closer and closer to replicating the nuclear technology held by the…

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Bit of good news for Orange?

The latest from Kapitalist Kitty. No, Trump is not to be given credit for the jobs report.

Kapitalist Kitty

It looks like the latest report on U.S. jobs has indicated an upturn in the job market.

…of course, information like this is almost always misunderstood by people who only have passing knowledge of economics, which is most Americans. People forget that economies respond relatively slowly to policy action and that the commander in chief has far less control of the American economy than most people realize.

I was wondering how long it would be before Trump and Trump’s supporters would begin attempting to take credit for Obama’s economic recovery.

The job market continues to be one of the main strengths of the U.S. economy. July was the 82nd consecutive month of job growth.

But wage growth is sluggish. Wages grew only 2.5% in July compared with a year earlier. The Federal Reserve would like to see wage growth kick up to 3.5%.

There’s still questions about when we’re…

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Pence breaks the tie on behalf of the Party of “No”

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Kapitalist Kitty

Adding to the list of another one of many reasons those of you who didn’t vote will wish you’d voted for Hillary, Vice President Mike Pence broke the tie that would bring to debate a GOP bill dismantling this century’s most important piece of legislation.

Recall that I said just a few days ago that the left would ultimately win the battle on healthcare via the power of changing attitudes. I still know this will prove the case in the end. But I never said there wouldn’t be a lot of obstacles along the way, nor did I say that the GOP is the kind of party that gives up. We’re talking about an ideology that has, especially since the inception of the Trump movement, aimed not at improving the lives of Americans, but punishing those they deem deserving of it.

Any good that’s coming of this so far is…

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