Why I don’t make New Year’s Resolutions

They’re incredibly vacuous for a number of reasons:

  1. There’s no need for it to be January 1 in order for you to resolve to do something new. You can turn over a new leaf any day of the year. Why does it being on January 1 make it different from it being on May 12 or March 6?
  2. Nobody ever follows through with them. They’re usually too broad of plans. Most people don’t accomplish goals unless they narrow them down to easily and quickly attainable components. You don’t want to resolve for instance, that you will look like a fitness model by next year unless you can set a timetable by which you could say, lose 5 lbs.
  3. Talk is meaningless without action. People tend to feel very excited about starting a new year because they believe “this year will be my year”. They are hopeful that they will live a more fulfilling and prosperous life than the previous year. However, most people end up finishing the year in a similar state of affairs as the year prior (which can be a good thing compared with hard life changes, like what I underwent this year). It’s better in my opinion to keep quiet about self improvement plans and just do them. It makes you look and feel a whole lot more capable.
  4. It fills gyms up. Gyms are mostly scam operations unless you utilize weights or a swimming pool often. Most people incorporate getting more physically fit into their New Year’s resolutions because they want to feel healthier and more attractive to others. But most people also overestimate the frequency by which they will use their new gym. People who do this are contributing to the rising profit margins (and costs) of gyms without even using them. Not good. Or considerate.

Well, that’s about it. Happy 2017.


GoFundMe Account: UPDATE

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My first Gofundme Campaign – Help Trip Buy a laptop


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Shoutout: 6 May 2016 – MakeItUltra

I decided to give today’s shoutout to him, in part because his photo was the only black and white picture among the pics I saw, but especially because he happens to be a PhD candidate in Psychology. That definitely commands some respect. Now, I have not read much of his material on his blog yet, I will admit, but to the author, if you’re reading this, I intend to read your material extensively in the next few days!


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Shout out to The Itinerary blog: for his post on Manitoba, Canada

I really enjoyed this post, it’s brief, but informative and has a good amount of photos. And the bison burger was an interesting touch. You get my daily shout out, great work!

Frozen lake and a bison buger

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It sucks to get in late on most high end cars

Unless you’re shelling out enough for a Ferrari, Porsche, or similar, and can afford to actually maintain one, you’re asking for trouble or you’re hoping to be on the good end of the luck of the draw.

Here’s a video I found of a 2002 Mercedes CL600. These were¬†fantastically striking cars in their own time. This was back before Americans were reminded of the volatility of oil, so nobody was all to cautious about owning a V12 if the money for one was there. The MSRP on this model class was in the low to mid $100k range.

What these clowns in the video don’t tell you about this car is that it’s supercar like power in conjunction with its lack of Ferrari-like appreciation means you will be stuck with a junk heap the moment something major breaks down in this thing. That’s why they sell for a fraction of what they were originally worth.

I marveled at the Mercedes CLK & CL models. They were kind of like an understated beauty that goes underappreciated by people who in those days had opted for the ostentatious Porsche Cayenne¬†just because¬†it was a Porsche SUV. I once went to a Mercedes dealership and test drove one of these thingies. They seemed eager to get it out the lot. I’m glad I didn’t bother.

Here’s another video in which car reviewers mention the investment liability of the CL series.

Unnecessary status chasing when it comes to luxury cars can be pretty risky. I’d say generally you won’t go wrong if you can afford several models of whatever you’re cruising around in.

Hey, if all else fails, keep it parked at the country club 24/7. It’ll prove the world’s most expensive locker for your golf clubs. The problem there is that even the people serving your trays already drive 2014 E Class sedans.

Is Science Demonstrating the Irrationality of Conservatives?


This link by Psychology Today of a study by the University College London seems to strongly imply this to be the case.

Science is further showing us that conservatives have a more pronounced amygdala in the brain, the centre that’s in charge of fear and aggression among other things.

This finding alone is not a testament to the error of conservatism, except that we also know that fear breeds irrational thought and bad decisions. This is evidenced by the fact conservatives (and many non-conservatives as well; we need to be fair about this) strongly supported the now known to be pointless War in Iraq, back in 2003. That is, before it was cool for conservatives to be libertarian and opposed to U.S. military intervention.

A conservative may retort with a romanticized, militaristic maxim along the lines of “Fear enables survival! We must take out enemies before they take us out!”… yes, that may be the nature of geopolitics… but science also shows us that it’s evolutionary novelty, not the averages, that tend to manifest in the highly intelligent. Exceptionally smart people divert from the mean in the Darwinian sense, which explains why we still have a lot of ignorance and misinformation in the world. The best and the brightest are a lot slower to mate and breed.

So however way you want to spin it, conservatives as a whole are more irrational and more stupid than liberals. This isn’t to say that there aren’t smart conservatives and dumb liberals in this world. Of course there are. But speaking in terms of trends, the science says your conservatism is dumbing you down.

END NOTE: If you’re offended by this post, I would kindly encourage you to get a life. There are real problems in this world. Getting your panties in a twist over someone’s opinion hardly qualifies as one of them.