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Did unfettered residential/commercial development make Hurricane Harvey damage worse?

The latest from Kapitalist Kitty

Kapitalist Kitty

In the wake of the ongoing damage inflicted by Hurricane Harvey (and Trump’s lackluster, non-presidential, social media based response) the media has jumped on the predictable path of talking about poor urban planning only now that the politicians and pundits have decided it’s time for such a hot topic…

…that, however, doesn’t mean it’s not a topic well worth talking out: poor city planning decisions made without sufficient regard to long term complications are in part to blame for the severity of the hurricane induced floods in Houston. CNN contends that a hefty amount of residential and commercial development in the Houston metropolitan area lies in direct path of loads of water sure to engulf the area in the event something goes awry. In other words…in the event of the present crisis.


The larger question for planning experts was: Why were there homes and businesses in the path of that released…

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We absolutely must talk about Hurricane Harvey in the context of climate change

The latest from Kapitalist Kitty

Kapitalist Kitty

…because the increase in extreme weather we’ve seen in recent decades is most certainly a result of it. With the media focusing their attention on the hurricane ravaging the Texas coast, Trump’s scorched earth policy on climate change is taking a back seat, with conservatives and Trump supporters demanding not to be “lectured yet again” with the beginning of the hurricane season. The conservative response to any mention of climate change has become so inborn and so knee-jerk that we can’t even have any semblance of a healthy dialogue with them on the matter.

But ignoring it won’t make it go away, and it’s almost as if the conservatives think that’s literally the case, given Trump’s lackluster response to this hurricane.

Twelve years ago, we had an anti-science, Republican president failing to effectively control the damage of a devastating, climate change influenced hurricane. Today nothing has changed. Trump is painfully…

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The Right Wing is feeling the pinch of their past authoritarianism

The latest from Kapitalist Kitty

Kapitalist Kitty

The Charlottesville attacks, as well as other horrid events stemming from political hatred in this country, have opened up a real can of worms in terms of what kind of political rhetoric should be tolerated by the public and what should be viewed with caution or even censored.

The Alt Right has, for the last 2-3 years at least, maintained they are being censored and/or targeted by the left for their ideology. And while I should make it clear that I don’t support censorship of any kind or of any opposing movement, I find it something of an irony that the Alt Right, basically the ideological successors of the Bush era conservatives, are crying foul with regards to privately led censorship, that is, censorship by technology companies. These were some of the same people that during the Bush’s tenure, touted the idea that the 1st Amendment had no power…

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Why is Trump’s base defending neo-Confederate ideology?

The latest from Kapitalist Kitty

Kapitalist Kitty

Skip to about 8 minutes into the video to see clips of a neo-Confederate agitator being escorted off the campus shortly after the horrible day in which another Alt Right sympathizer launched a domestic terrorist attack into a crowd of people opposing the racist and fascist hatred promoted by the Alt Right.

What if the Charlottesville attack had happened at a different point in recent American history?

Well, in any year after about 1970 and before 2014, you’d have the vast majority of the American public rallying in harsh criticism of Trump’s failure to condemn this insanity unambiguously, denouncing his ridiculous cop-out that the carnage is just coming from “both sides”. But in the days after the killing of Michael Brown, we have a bigger mass movement condoning white racism in this country than anything we’ve seen since the 1960’s. The once non-racial nationalism of “We just don’t want 

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For those of you wondering why I have not said anything about yesterday’s historic eclipse, part of the reason is that well it was fascinating I didn’t have all that much to say about it. That does not mean however that I won’t have a retrospect post for it soon.