The Draecana cinnabari

A tree endemic to the island of Socotra, which lies near the Horn of Africa. Socotra is a part of the troubled nation of Yemen. The island itself has a reportedly captivating appearance due to the number of endemic organisms that thrive there. And thank goodness it’s been hitherto free of that nasty civil war going on in the mainland, because at least this island, its natural beauty, and the relatively fortunate people who inhabit it, will go unscathed.


Zimbabwe’s Robert Mugabe will be rewarded for his brutal regime


“I didn’t do it!!”


As it turns out, there may have been a very strategic reason the bastard held out for a few days in his refusal to resign from the presidency. While the parliament came together to bring forth impeachment proceedings with even members of the ZANU-PF joining in, Mr. Mugabe was negotiating the terms for his departure from the office he’d occupied since 1987. These negotiations will prove fruitful for him. Turns out Mr. Mugabe will receiving full immunity for his family members, the assurances that his business dealings in the country will remain active, and a payout of nothing less than $10 million USD in a country where millions of Zimbabwean dollars only buy a few food items from shops that have infamously been near empty for more than a decade.

In the world in which the average citizen has to live, the intimidation tactics and outright widescale theft employed by this psychopath would warrant prison time. In the world of nation leadership, it’s reciprocated in payouts the Zimbabwean people couldn’t possibly dream of themselves receiving (and I don’t say that lightly; these people have had the dreams summarily beaten out of them by the baton).

Is there any glimmer of hope for the country that Mnangagwa enact liberalization that will take the country in a direction towards healing? There may be. But rewarding the past administration for misdeeds the new boss pretends to condemn is not change for the people. It’s business as usual.

Astronomical misconception

Phases of the moon are not caused by the Earth’s Shadow engulfing it as many people often believe. Instead the moon’s phases as we see them are determined by the direction from which the sun is shining on the moon.

This is why we often see full moons long after the sun has set. The sun is essentially Illuminating the moon from the other side of the Earth relative to the viewer. What has always come across my mind anytime I look at the Moon on a cold Winter’s Night, is the way in which we often perceive the Moon as a cold object when we’re looking at it from that vantage point. I often ask people if they think that the moon they are looking at is hot or cold. Most say it is cold. I think this might be because when we  view the moon on a cold Winter’s Night, it appears to us as though it is a giant ball of ice. However when you are looking at the moon illuminated you are actually looking at the daytime Side of the Moon and the moon’s daytime temperatures are very hot.

This is just something I think is cool to think about every now and then

Trump uses the North Korean crisis to advance his pro-military bile

As per the ongoing comments by the White House, seen right this moment on CBS, it would seem our excuse for a president is throwing a temper tantrum over Schumer’s resistance to an unjust and regressive proposed budget while the other megalomaniac across the Pacific may have launched an ICBM that could theoretically reach the continental United States. Further, the excuse of a president is using the crisis to call for a significantly expanded military while also saying he wants lower taxes.

So how does that work, all you fiscal conservative number whizzes? Supply side economics and the unfair tax burden it invariably places on the middle and lower classes has consistently shown itself not to work.

We know Trump didn’t get in to the White House by putting forth a traditional Bush/Reagan style Republican platform to voters, and nationalist Trump voters aren’t thrilled with the idea of multinational corporations making a killing in tax breaks while they still continue to ship jobs overseas. So why then is Trump aggressively clinging to a fiscal model that will alienate most voters if passed? The answer is because he’s more afraid of Mitch McConnell and Paul Ryan than he wants his Twitters minions to think, especially with 2018 elections coming.

Some military expert should also inform Trump that we could blow North Korea into the Stone Age without increasing military spending, much of which will just go to big defense business contracts.

What would it take to get enough people to vote this guy out in 2020?

If Trump really cares about monopolies…

The latest from Kapitalist Kitty

Kapitalist Kitty

…why is he doing absolutely nothing about his FCC appointee, Ajit Pai, planning on getting rid of the internet as we know it and giving unprecedented power to telecom giants?

The answer of course is that he doesn’t share any concern with a prospective ATT/Time Warner merger for the reason that he opposes monopolies; he opposes it because he is vindictive and was made out a fool by nearly every non-conservative (and some conservative news outlets as well, such as the National Review)news source in the country.

What a crybaby we have for a “president”.

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Great book

Concioussness Explained, Daniel Dennett

Dennett has a section in the book explaining how much of the external stimuli were faced with processes not consciously, but often without our knowing it.

Dennett also express skepticism periodicaly as to whether we really have free will.

I’m inclined to believe it’s not near what we’d think. I think we like to kid ourselves that we’ve got total control over our being. As though we’re not molecules in motion.